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Three Businesses that Need a Digital Storefront

A digital storefront saves time, energy and headaches by using technology-driven marketing to centralize online ordering, inventory, printing needs, brand enforcement, billing and more in one convenient and easily accessible location. It’s a single-source solution rooted in technology and distribution fulfillment.

Here’s how it can help three types of businesses work smarter instead of harder.

Franchisors with multiple locations

Your brand is your bread and butter. It’s the result of years of work, endurance and carefully crafted execution of consistent quality.

Your brand is your reputation personified.

That’s why for franchisors with multiple locations, keeping that consistency and commitment to quality unblemished is as important as it is difficult. The wider your brand is spread, the more vital is becomes to maintain an even and smooth brand image.

A digital storefront has many features that help keep branding consistent among franchisees by decentralizing the ordering process, empowering franchises spread across multiple locations to get what they need when they need it. At the same time, the warehouse feature of a digital storefront keeps track of inventory tracking and supplies on hand.

Storefronts are loaded with customizable fields within a brand template for locations, experts and other pertinent information with set budgets, making it easy for franchisees to order branded marketing materials like brochures, signage, banners, promotional giveaways and uniforms.

Because a franchisor establishes how the brand is maintained, there is no more wasted time going through the bureaucratic channels at HQ to get needed products. Design is already in place, color standards are already met, and consistency is maintained with each and every order.

Financial institutions and insurance agencies

Financial or insurance institutions still struggling to make the digital transformation can use a digital storefront to manage partners and leverage data to reduce the number of needed vendors.

In addition to the inventory storage and tracking features, a digital storefront gives you the opportunity to order supplies and marketing materials from multiple vendors in one place either in bulk for storage and long-term use or using print-on-demand. The storefront will give you an automatic, monthly bill so you don’t have to worry about tracking down several invoices.

Possibly one of the greatest marketing features of the digital storefront is hyper-addressable mail targeting. With the digital storefront, you can input lists for each of your target audiences and automatically create direct mail pieces that speak to individuals based on their needs and past consumer behavior. Customers will receive mailers with their names and the content that resonates with their wants and needs.

Health care

For larger organizations such as hospitals, the ability to seamlessly integrate accounting systems with the backend of the storefront can vastly ease the burden on purchasing and accounting departments.

The digital storefront streamlines the ordering and billing process. When a team orders prints, supplies, marketing materials and more through the digital storefront, only one invoice is received at the end of the month for all purchases. A single monthly summary invoice can replace hours of allocating, check-cutting and mailing costs.

Plus, there’s the bonus of convenience that comes with the digital storefront. Since the digital storefront doesn’t have doors, it never closes and can be accessed 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. A digital storefront allows businesses of any size to take control of the supply chain by creating a one-stop shop for ordering.

The versatility of a digital storefront is endless. The scale and scope are up to the needs of each business. As a full-service print and marketing solutions company, F.P. Horak offers a wide variety of services to our business partners, but we prefer to focus instead on what we actually accomplish for our customers. More revenue. Lower costs. A stronger bottom line. The digital storefront is just one way you can get those results. To learn more about the digital storefront or to set up a demo, give us a call at (989) 892-6505 or contact us!

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