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Our Why

We Give Our All Because We Believe in You.

We were born with the desire to serve. Generations before us have nurtured relationships and believed we could grow and succeed together. Relationships matter. We want to see our customers grow and achieve their unique goals. Their success is our success. We work hard because it’s part of our ethos. We drive new products and services because it’s what our clients deserve.

Woman-run, and We’re Darn Proud of It

F.P. Horak is breaking glass ceilings and reaching new heights because of it. As a woman-run business, F.P. isn’t just making waves now, we’re paving the way so every extraordinary woman who wants to can take the world by storm. Equity and inclusion are extended to everyone who walks through our doors — guaranteed.

Past, Present, Future

Since Frederick Paul Horak first began The F.P. Horak Company in the basement of his Bay City, Michigan home in 1946, evolution and innovation have been the driving force of the company. Horak saw a need to improve the efficiency of the post-World War II office. His son Fritz, and later the third generation, continued to evolve the company to anticipate the needs of clients and their customers. Today, we’re a streamlined extension of our clients’ businesses designed to improve efficiency and create marketing impact. We are woman-run, Michigan-made, and family-owned and -operated. Our moxie moves us to create mind-blowing results. Every time. We led, we lead, we will lead.

I’m excited to introduce you to the next generation of F.P. Horak. We’re still the printing expert you’ve known and loved, but we’ve updated our brand to also include the digital, technology, fulfilment and distribution, and marketing solutions your company needs to be successful. Horak has invested in our company, clients and community for nearly a century and will continue to do so to deliver mind-blowing results and help you reach your biggest goals.




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Your success is our success.
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