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Think outside the gift box!

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You don’t have to be Emily Post to know that you should always express your gratitude for someone’s kindness and generosity with a “thank you!”   

But some things have changed since she wrote her bestselling tome of etiquette in 1922, like most of us aren’t regularly attending balls these days; however, we are emerging from a worldwide pandemic and the efforts of our employees, conference attendees, guest speakers and valued customers deserve recognition. So, finding new and unique ways to stay connected and express your genuine gratitude is critical.  

Let F.P. Horak’s team of trained gift-givers (think Santa’s elves but more tech-savvy) help you develop a customized recognition program with the flexibility and round-the-clock support your team needs.  

Employees — Seasoned or New! 

A recent survey cited 63% of employees who feel recognized are unlikely to look for a new job. We all know how difficult it can be to search, onboard and train new employees, not to mention all the institutional knowledge that’s lost when our longest-serving employees leave for greener pastures.  

Creating customized recognition programs — gift collections based on length of employment, title and more — can seem overwhelming and expensive. But a digital employee recognition portal will allow you to choose curated (read: affordable yet classy) collections, schedule employee anniversary dates and ship out like clockwork. The best part: It will never feel cookie-cutter because they get to choose their gift. It’s genius because we do all the wrapping and shipping! 

For your newest employees, welcome them with a customized welcome kit. While they’re knee-deep in W-4’s, benefit selections and beneficiaries, send them a link to your digital storefront where they can select fun, BRANDED merch like backpacks, water bottles, uniform kits, dog collars (Yes, we have those, too!) and tumblers to get started out on the right foot. Again, they select, we ship and your organization gets tagged in LinkedIn post about how #amazing their #onboarding process was with you.  

Guest Speakers, Conference Attendees, Valued Customers and More! 

Being recognized by your peers makes everyone feel extra EXTRA! 

Whether a conference speaker or highly recognized attendee who promoted your event to their tens of thousands of social followers, let them know you value and appreciate their participation.  

With a customized digital storefront, they can select from a catalog of high-quality, branded items that they’re sure to use again and again and again — and share a pic to all their followers because the packaging and personalized note makes them look good, too.  

The same goes for your longtime customers. The practice of giving gifts to those who helped you build your business can help boost sales and open new, surprising doors. No more popcorn pyramids that get left unopened or regifted; let your most valued customers pick the gift that fits them perfectly. 

Through your digital storefront, employees, customers and valued peers can make selections 24/7/365. We’ll customize the interface to your own brand and support the ever-changing demands of your business, allowing you to cultivate a sense of company culture, inside and out, which has never been easier. 

And the best part? The team of experts at F.P. Horak ensure that each and every gift you offer in your storefront is ordered, packaged and shipped, along with a personalized note from you.  

Show your appreciation to that hardworking team, amazing conference speaker and those loyal customers this year, without the burden of a traditional gift-giving process. Call F.P. Horak’s team of experienced strategists at (989) 892-6505 or contact us to schedule a demo today.  

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