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5 Ways Digital Storefronts Will Save Your Company Money

Here we are again to have the discussion no company wants to have: the cost-cutting talk. You can make the really hard decisions and lay off an employee or two. Or you could try bringing some work back in-house, but that might end up taking staff away from vital tasks. And there’s always the option of cutting staff hours or salaries. Let’s be honest, these options are last resorts, and definitely not ones any of us want to implement.

So where can we cut costs? The answer to this question varies from business to business, but one way many of our clients have saved substantial money is through a digital storefront (DSF). Here are five ways DSFs are saving businesses thousands.

  1. Controlling Inventory

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of panic you get when you go to your storage closet to grab marketing materials and they aren’t there. An even worse scenario we’ve all faced is going to an event with outdated marketing materials because they were in that same storage closet. DSFs eliminate those issues.

The DSF has a cloud-based inventory tracking system that tells companies exactly how much they have of each item in their inventory and replaces outdated materials. Your company will never order too many or lose money by not having enough of anything again.

  1. Providing Usage Data and Reports

Do you ever sit and wonder if your staff really uses company materials? DSFs help answer that question. By accessing the usage data and other reports, you can see who is checking out certain materials, how much they’re taking and when they take them. This can help you make informed decisions about ordering.

  1. Streamlining Processes

Your accounting team is going to love this one. The DSF streamlines the ordering and billing process. Because your team will order prints, supplies, marketing materials and more through the DSF, you will receive just one invoice at the end of the month for all purchases. For larger organizations such as hospitals, universities and multinational companies, the ability to seamlessly integrate accounting systems with the backend of the storefront makes purchasing and accounting departments breathe a sigh of relief. One monthly summary invoice can replace hours of allocating, check-cutting and mailing costs.

  1. Saving on Labor Costs

We know being a part of a team means you sometimes have to buckle down and do jobs that aren’t part of your usual job description to help out. But when this becomes a normal part of your staff’s routines and takes them away from their regular tasks, that’s a real problem. The DSF helps with this as well.

The DSF gives companies the opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs by jettisoning the time-consuming tasks of printing, collating, stuffing packets, approving marketing materials and spends, tracking inventory, and more.

  1. Reducing and Eliminating Mistakes

Companies are spending millions of dollars managing carefully crafted brand identities like the ability to empower users across their departments and locations while retaining control of the brand standards. Storefronts are loaded up with approved marketing communications templates, complete with customizable fields for locations, experts, and other pertinent information. Budgets are set.

The result is targeted, branded content, printed on-demand and within budget. No more boxes of brochures headed to the recycling bin because of an address change. No more flyers hitting mailboxes with the wrong logo color. And no more frazzled marketing reps or frustrated accounting departments.

What are you waiting for, someone to show up and hand you thousands of dollars? Well today’s your lucky day. The DSF is here to do that. Check out our e-book to learn more about the power of the digital storefront, or give us a call to get started today.

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