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1 Reason Why You Want F.P. Horak to Manage Your Trade Show Distribution


Lists are the latest and greatest trick to capture your audience’s attention.  

  • The 12 Days of Christmas. 
  • 50 Ways to Lose You Lover. 
  • One Piece at a Time.  

OK, so those are songs and not the BuzzFeed lists that typically come to mind. But we’re so confident about our trade show materials support that you only need one reason to choose F.P. Horak to manage your organization’s prized booth possessions and capture your audience’s attention: 

  1. Our star-studded digital storefront and distribution and fulfillment team! 

Yup, you read that right — STAR-STUDDED. And we snuck two things in there, but you’ll understand in a minute. 

The world is opening up again and organizations are returning to in-person trade shows and conferences, which is great! But some companies have gone full-remote or hybrid work operations, and many others don’t have the physical space capacity to house their trade show materials.  

How do you handle that logistical nightmare of getting materials to remote employees, or where do you store all the stuff now that you downsized space to save money during the pandemic? We’re glad you asked! Let us introduce you to those studded stars: 

Brad, our digital storefront extraordinaire, and Dennis, our distribution and fulfillment ace. 

Digital Storefront: Cloud-based Inventory Management 

Brad will create a digital storefront — customized to your company’s brand and materials — that manages inventory, making it easy to keep track of your trade show resources. Employees can use the cloud-based system to easily order materials for upcoming shows and even customize printed sales and presentation materials that can be shipped directly to the venue.   

The digital storefront also provides: 

  • A complete catalog of each item in your trade show inventory with pictures, descriptions and product codes. 
  • Quantities available of each item at any given time.  
  • The location of each item — shipping to a show, at a show or in storage. 
  • The expected ship date and delivery date of each item for upcoming shows and the expected return date once the show is over. 

Distribution and Fulfillment: Storage and Shipping in One 

Dennis will protect your investment and keep your trade show materials ready for the next show in his secure 40,000-square-foot warehouse. He’ll also make sure your trade show materials are packed to arrive — on time — at your booth without damage and can be easily uncrated for installation. 

Our warehouse has room for all your items — or we can help you source items — including: 

  • Tables and tablecloths 
  • Display cases 
  • Seating 
  • Lighting 
  • Tablets and tablet stands 
  • Banners 
  • Even accessories like throw pillows and plants 

When the trade show is done, materials are shipped back to Dennis in pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping packages and checked back in on arrival, so you will always know the location of each item. He’ll even wash and iron tablecloths when they return — not really; he has people for that! 

So, let Brad and Dennis, and the amazing team supporting them at F.P. Horak, handle your trade show materials and you put your focus where it needs to be: on your attendees.  

Reach out today to talk to one of our service representatives at (989) 892-6505, or contact us to learn how we can take the load off your team while capturing your audience’s attention at that next trade show. 

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