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True Hues

If you’re trying to save money by printing in black and white, you could be headed in the red.

Studies show that color printing helps improve communication, enhance productivity, and boost sales. And with advances in digital printing making color increasingly cost-effective, you can’t afford not to use it if you want to impact and influence your audience.

That’s because color is inextricably linked to our emotional psyche. Colors make us pay attention. They make us feel. They make us act. Put the powerful psychology of colors to work in your business communications—or you might start feeling the blues.

Color printing makes an impact*

Studies show color in print prompts action. According to
“Be Noticed – Using Color in Print” from Xerox’s blog, color can:
Increase readership rates by as much as 80%
Make a memorable impression 39%
Increase direct mail readership 55%
Boost payment response up to 30%
Increase sales, motivation, and brand recognition 80%

Culture clash**

Marketing products in other countries? People from different parts of the world find different meanings in colors. For example, black signifies death and is worn during times of mourning in Western countries. In Egypt, black represents rebirth.

Check out Xerox’s International Color Guide to familiarize yourself with color symbolism around the world.

Your brain on color***

Different colors stimulate different emotions in our brains.

Red: active, emotional, passionate, trust, love, intensity, aggressiveness
Blue: comfort, faith, conservative, understanding, clarity, confident, calm, trust
Yellow: joy, alive, energetic, fresh
Green: calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, hopeful
Pink: love, sweet, warmth, sexuality, nurtured
Purple: glamour, power, nostalgic, romantic, introspective
Orange: enthusiastic, creative, determined
Black: bold, serious, luxurious
Brown: reliability, dependability, support


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