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By Lorrie Bryan

Large-format technology isn’t always about printing something bigger. And you also have the option of printing your message on something besides paper. The canvas for your creation can actually be fabric—or metal, wood, styrene, vinyl, plastics, or magnetic material up to 2-inches thick. And the ability to finish your selected material with digital cutters means that you can produce some truly unique items in a variety of shapes to complement your campaigns and promote your brand. The list of items is endless: point-of-purchase displays, building signage, window and floor graphics, dimensional and textured beverage coasters, awards and recognition plaques, backlit signage, exhibits, and more.

Digital cutters can also customize your company’s signage and make it stand out. Enhance your logo or your messaging by delivering it on an attention-grabbing shape. Try a cut out of your logo or some other design intrinsic to your brand, rather than a standard square or rectangle.

You can create life-size cutouts of your company mascot or key personnel to deliver your message with added panache and fun. These cutouts can also provide great photo opportunities onsite or at tradeshow and festival booths, and they also can be printed on a variety of substrates, depending on the intended use.

“We all tend to do things the way they’ve always been done. But if you set out to create something different, with a large-format printer, you can usually make it happen,” says Angel Georgiou, senior marketing specialist for imaging supplies for Canon Solutions America.

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