5 Reasons Companies are Switching to F.P. Horak

Why F.P. Horak? The simple answer is that we’re tried and true. (And, of course, we rock!)

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your print and marketing needs. When projects and processes don’t add up, they cost you time, energy and customers. You need to know your printing and marketing team is dynamic, technologically on the ball, innovative and trustworthy — and it doesn’t hurt when they’re fun to work with. That’s why people have been choosing F.P. Horak for decades. Like we said…tried and true.

Here are just a few more reasons.

Family Culture
We started as a small, family-run print shop right here in Saginaw, Michigan. Although we aren’t the small shop we once were, we still give the same care and attention to every customer — oh, and we’re still run by the same family. We’ve worked to create an atmosphere that rivals any family environment, and we extend the same love, care and respect to our clients that they get from their own families. Whether you’re one of our Fortune 500 business partners or a small shop with two employees, you’ll feel right at home with us.

F.P. Horak is on its third generation of the Horak family, and we’re beyond proud to be woman-run. F.P. Horak President Marisa Horak Belotti knows this business inside and out. She has been on both the print and marketing side of the business and is truly passionate about F.P.’s clients. Aside from her impeccable ability to deliver projects on schedule and on budget, she is idea-driven and believes in the creative process of putting focus to customers’ visions and ideas. Ideating is her superpower.

Although tradition is important to us here at F.P., staying on top of technology is vital for what we do. As technological trends have ebbed, F.P. Horak has remained a regional leader and kept our sights on advancing technologies ahead of the curve. Our success has never been about a single service or product. Instead, it is due to our philosophy of evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients that keeps us a vital member of the customer’s team.

Results-Driven Solutions
First and foremost, we care about you and your business. Everything we do is to help frame your business in the best light possible and improve your bottom line. Our advance technological solutions help us save you time and money and stay way ahead of competitors.

At F.P. Horak, we do more than just talk about sustainability. Our policies and practices distinguish our company as a leader within our industry. We believe this leadership offers our customers more value through responsible practices. Our commitment to protecting the planet guides our decisions and the direction we take.

We could give you a million more reasons why you should choose F.P. Horak for your printing and marketing needs. Give us 15 minutes, and we will show you how you can help you grow your business and bottom line. Give us a call at (989) 892-6505 or visit fphorak.com.

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